Sharing the thoughts, feelings and experiences you’ve been unable to share with others, even your closest loved ones and friends,  can be tough. You may feel that something is holding you back, even though you want to break out of your isolation and suffering. You have the sense that with understanding and support, you can work through your difficulties. Moreover, you’re ready to feel differently about yourself and the life you’re living.

Psychotherapy provides the opportunity for you to speak your mind and know yourself better. In psychotherapy, you explore your interior world, engaging in the process of looking at your conflicting emotions and thoughts. You examine your puzzling and self-sabotaging  behaviours to understand their breadth, depth and purpose.  You learn what you really want. It’s a deeply personal and transformative process.  Treatment looks at the your relationship with the therapist, the transference, to help you identify, learn about and resolve the patterns that don’t seem to change, despite your best efforts.

My approach to psychotherapy is to provide an open space for you to speak your mind. Together, we investigate your dreams, thinking patterns and behaviour to figure out why you do what you do, and what you really want. We aim to assist you work through critical moments in your life so that you may experience relief from the lasting impact they’ve had on you. Together, we work to help you resolve the difficulties that have prompted you to seek help.

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